New Public Opinion Poll Reveals a Significant Number of Americans Rate Losing Eyesight as Having Greatest Impact on their Lives Compared to Other Conditions
Comprehensive attitudinal survey on eye health shows differences among groups; underscores critical need for funding research

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Sept. 18, 2014—Many Americans across racial and ethnic groups describe losing eyesight as potentially having the greatest impact on their day‐to‐day life, more so than other conditions including: loss of limb, memory, hearing and speech (57% of African‐Americans, 49% of non‐Hispanic whites, 43% of Asians and 38% of Hispanics). When asked which disease or ailment is the worst that could happen to them, blindness ranked first among African‐Americans followed by AIDS/HIV.  Hispanics and Asians ranked cancer first and blindness second, while Alzheimer’s disease ranked first among non‐Hispanic whites followed by blindness. >>Click here to read the full press release

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